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Appendix - Solar Flares and Scares


The Appendix is a side show that Leo and Randy record to accompany each (or most) of our episodes. With Leo moving to Armenia we won't be able to record episodes for a while, so along with a change to biweekly releases we'll be uploading these while we work on cutting together our last two full episodes. Stay with us though, I (Randy) will be putting out some form of Depth Perception content even if our backlog runs dry. 

Here we are today. So Randy, the news hound that he is, found a cool article about solar storms. You might know that the earth, or sorry, the Sun, goes on an eleven year magnetic cycle where basically the solar storms are going to reach their their apogee every eleven years, and we're coming up on that and the two thousand and twenty five it's going to be the next peak. So that means that increasingly until then, at any given day there's more likely to be like solar activity, solar you space weather. This is article calls it. You know, m radiation jets kind of shooting out from the Sun. There is atmosphere protects us, but this has consequences for people in planes, crew and planes especially because they, you know, say there's a week of a lot of solar activity. They're up there every day of the week, many hours a day. Obviously they're going to get more radiation than people who are protected by the atmosphere, that are on the ground or only flying a little bit. So that's a thing and it can also mess with technology. Apparently, during Hurricane Irma, thanks for there's a lot of or activity and like it basically made ham radios unable to work for a period when, like emergency services really need to use those radios. So there can be real consequences and it's one of those things where it, you know, I think, as like the world becomes less likely to be nice on any given day because, I like global warming, there's more and more chance of this sort of becoming a an issue when we need to be able to do something relying on electronic communication. Plus, our world is increasingly...

...using electronic communication. Obviously, then you get more and more of a chance for there to be some kind of calamity as a result of it. My understanding kind of kind of not super scary, but a little frightening. Yeah, I mean I think it just like it fucks with the electromagnetic field and shit started going bad. Yep, I am I think it'd be really bad way to go. Solar flare. Yeah, because it's I mean, it's one. It's one of those things, right, like you have to you have to wonder, like how how realistic is the danger? Like is it just a matter of like the power goes out and everywhere for a second, or or what it could be? I don't know. I can't imagine there's going to be like an electromagnetic pulse that kills all the technology. But yeah, it sounds like it would be pretty unlikely that it would affect like heat or you know, like the like that the like electrical power sources, electricity going through wires, but very likely to affect anything that goes through radio that's going to get frassed. But potentially, yeah, I mean it's it's it's it's one of those stories. It's like it doesn't have like immediate implications. I think it's really it's really freaky that if, like if a solar string can be bad, I mean obviously hasn't been bad enough to like do anything awful so far, as far as I can tell anyway. But I'm in this article. They say we only get sixty to ninety minutes warning. Sixty nine minutes. Was Sixty to ninety minutes warning about these. Yeah, that's Sol strong. It's interesting, or the interesting things is that the way we...

...know it's, the way that we know it's coming, is satellites that are, how what was it like a million miles away in earth orbit. They must be placed such that they can detect a solar storm before it gets here. Right, BET A, we're on the sun. We're on the where the sun is relative to the Earth, and then they get that signal and they send that signal back to the earth and it takes a certain amount of time, obviously, to travel to the earth as while, because we're talking about the speed of light, and I actually don't quite understand how they're able to detect the solar radiation before it gets to them. Maybe they are actually measuring this something, you know, that the field between them and the sun, so they can see some kind of perturbation before that doesn't make much sense to me, to be honest. I guess I just don't understand enough about how they detect it that they can get the message to us before the storm gets to us. But we do get that set, that ninety minutes of warning, that little window, or we can if we need to react and adjust something protect like a technology system. We can do that. And they say there is actually ways to improve our technology so it's less likely to cause some kind of crisis, using non magnetic steel, for example, just making components that are protected from the like fluck like changes in the magnetic field that are, yeah, protected from like unpredictable patterns of radiation than like you can actually preempt a lot of the the chance of a horrible failure. So so I just I just wanted to look up the how many? How many miles is in an astronomical unit which, from correct is the distance between the earth and the Sun, right? I think so. Yeah. So, so that is ninety two million nine hundred fifty five thousand eight hundred and seven miles. So yea, our satellites are one hundred and ninety twod of of a...

...barrier between us. That's that's crazy, which gives you an idea of how how long these these things travel before they get to us. It's interesting. The article also talks about the UK national grid running drills frequently to to deal with this kind of thing. Really, yeah, I see that. It's very interesting. Yeah, the UK National Grid. Oh, in the UK National Grid, so it says. Actually, the same as Auspie National Grid is a company that I as an international presence, kind of freaky. Yeah, I assumed it was like the NHS over there. So they're building up their supply spare transformers and conducting regular drills to deal with a major space weather event, said Mark prous. Now what I want to know is what other space weather is there? I have absolutely no concept of that. Yeah, they're soar storms is they're like a solar rainbow, space hail, spacehale. Yeah, Yea Space Hel definitely exist. Like like everything in space is a giant block of ice. Yeah, it's a everything is like a space ice Manhattan out there. I think its ore solar wind, to which don't know how it'slided. I think it's also a jet of radiation. So, but surely it all can't be sun weather. There must be other weather, right, there's got to be some other star weather, exploding things weather. Well, yeah, I mean, if the sun's got weather, everything's probably got whether that's also a star. But I don't know. Is Maybe we should do we should, we should do the next one about other space weather. I've no idea what I mean. Like you, you hear about like whether on other planets? Yeah, like that one where like rains glass sideways.

I don't know about that. Oh, yeah, it's like well, it's like silica that. It just like roars around the planet. There's the diamond planet, where it like I think there's finally, I think there's a planet where it rains diamonds. Really. Yeah, all right, I'm Um, I'll research the weather of every spart time believing that. But cool, if true. Big It might. It might be that the planet is a diamond. Definitely a there's definitely planets that are believed to have a large amounts of dining. Okay, the first thing that comes up is planet ragins. Diamonds deeper than Neptune and Uranus. It rains diamonds. Why Now? Or so astronomers and physicists have suspected for nearly forty years. I stand possibly corrected. Yeah, only a single space message and voyager to or, if you're a fan of Star Trek Vidier, has flown by trivial some of their secrets. So diamond rain has only remained a hypothesis, or remained only hypothesis. It's nice space. Whether that's that's planet, Harry brother, there's got to be. Like you do watch structure? Who Know? Well, there's an episode whether there's Wales that like traverse space. I guess that's in Star Wars too, but I think it's also an episode of crude, the carboy dog where that happens. I gotta Watch that show. That's a great show. We should do an episode on that show. If you ever watch it? I fucking love current. Well, I mean I watched all the time as again. Yeah, me too. It's like one of those it's like one of those shows that like got me into scary stuff. MMM, yeah, that show had like great vibes, really cool. Yeah, we'd be like more vibes. I should great video, I say about it recently. I think it might have been from Jacob coller or somebody about courage or like philosophy tube or philosophy to you. Maybe not philosophy Tobe, probably not wise cracker or...

...something. Maybe. HMM. Did I got to tell you? I've been playing the new resident evil, yeah, which, if you don't know, it's not like the movies. The Games are fucking scary and this one does baby horror and it's fucked up baby horror. Yeah, there's a I just I just ran into a monster day is like a giant. It's like very silent hill. If you've ever seen silent hill, I don't, or I'm sure you haven't played the Games, but it's just like it looks almost like a cricket, but it's like a giant melted flesh pile that makes baby sounds and like the whole thing of the game is that you're like trying to get the there's like an evil like bioweapons company that took wow, maybe, I don't know. I don't know how it pens out in the gave me up, but anyway, you find your daughter is in many different vials and you're going to put her back together and there's like a lot of baby horror. It's fuck, it's fucking scary. Wow, it's it. resion evil went from like have you ever seen the movies? No, Oh man, well, they're ridiculous. It's like watching a nickckge movie or something, and they decided we're not going to do that anymore. We're going to make scary games again. I gotta I want you to. I want to sit you down in like like with a VR helmet and play a residueble or something. I'd gladly do it, especially if I can get scared. Yeah, you get scariously. I do get really scared at the haunted house one time. See. Well, I would love to hear about that. If you want to keep doing the pendix, I I don't get scared of like movies and books. Books sometimes, just like if they're really well written, but video games get me because it's interactive and if it's like got that immerse immersion level,... really makes me feel like I'm dealing with it in real life, where I have to imagine. VR would just compound that. I G that was slender man a little bit, watching people's place under man as well as enough. That was this. I mean that was a scary game for it's time that. Like I play a lot of scary games in that like that like set the mold for a while. MMM, it's good, pretty good game. Yeah, Sundaments like a good scary one. I mean he's basically like injured cold, but HMM or I would get scared playing what's the name? I don't know the name of that game, so I'm not gonna try to bring it up. But Um, frighten nights is where I got. I got scooped it on a house. We're sure it Hasnik. I think that you could buy like multiple hang koted house things. I don't know if we want more than one, but it's a used to be frightened to the fair. That's what I think of. But it's no longer at the fair. It's somewhere in the Greater Syracuse area. I don't think I've ever done is like one of the haunted Hay rides that we do around here. MMM, but I don't remember it being all that scared by that. I probably got pulled out it was I was very little. Some of those were cool. I remember giant praying Mantis off to the side in the Wood at the Bou Barn when I was a kid. Dude, Bo Barn was good. That's the fuck. And Baby. It looked like the baby monster in that game. It looked like a cricket that was made out of like a bunch of melted babies. Horrible, so fucking scary. I would love to I would love to have like a good haunted house or like like an escape room. I don't know if there's a good escape room in syricuse. I don't think they're that good, at least I did them years ago, to be honest, but I did at see them all. One of the things that I like, love in theory, except whenever, like you almost get a chance to do it, when you're like reading a book or playing a game or watching a show or something, you can't really solve a mystery or like solve puzzles and like a tense situation. Yeah, because there's never actually any stakes.

Yeah, and I guess there's not an escape room either. But like, I don't know, sometimes I think I would do well if that I was in like a saw situation. What I like about Gertrude Stein not the same thing, but I feel like you, she kind of forces you to when she's being more didactic, she kind of forces you to learn with her, like while she walked talks through something, you're kind of there and yeah, she's guiding you, but like you realize things that see feel like they're like more than sometimes they feel like they're more than what she's saying. But but there's no stakes there either, because it's an exploration. It's not driving toward something you know. It's more just a consequence your style. Get that. I got two books in the mail today from the old ore into noble. This is Clark Ashton Smith's Schmish Sean Conner, the dark idolon and other fantasies, and I have here Arthur Mokin, the works of Arthur Mokin, sweet house of souls, the hill of dreams, the three imposters and other tales of the sacred and Profane. It's got like the green man on the cover, so I'm really excited to find out what that's about. That would be good. I really say something great God pain in it. That's a very good story. Great, good pain is very good. Ah, you. Yeah, you told you read that before I did. Yeah, yeah, that's more of his like London detective serendipity stories, where it's just like a bunch of like gentlemen talking to each other and moving into each other, in and out of each other's apartments and restaurant. So they frequent and stuff and just talking. But then there's some really weird shit too. Ye, Arthur Markin school. Yeah, UM, Shit. What else? There's some oh Um, I wanted to recommend an instagram account for you to follow. Okay, at Briscoe Park. Briscoe Park, HMM, he's he's like a...

I I feel like he's like a horror movie cinematographer, but he's just a really fantastic photographer. Cool, takes like good scary photos it. But yeah, so. So. Being able to like put together a mystery is one of the things that really appeals to me about dungeons and dragons, and it's such a shame that we I never got I've never gotten to play. Yeah, I'm always super wanted to. I was I bought I bought Jacob a like a I didn't know what it is, a dungeon manual or something. I under master's guide to Chelley coast of campaign and he never did. I don't think if you've given it to me it would have worked out any better. No, but like, me and Jake like actively like talked about DD and, yeah, played video DD Games together. Gotcha. Just never got to play actual DD okay, let's see a Penix. I'm want to talk about Birdman. So we really had to fillow some time. We only made it to seventeen minutes. Goddamn, it's okay, I don't know. This one was your heroic. Well, yeah, this one was kind of a sleeper, but I hope everybody enjoyed it. At least she got some good music.

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